*RESERVED for Lindsay* Rainbow Rust, on Rustic Lux

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*RESERVED for Lindsay* Rainbow Rust, on Rustic Lux

Inspired by flowers that bloom in dry places.

4 oz.

Ultimate luxury! Yak is comparable to cashmere in softness, is warmer than Merino, and Yak has the most beautiful earthy, natural silver tones. When dyed it creates such a lovely depth of color. Combined with the ultra fine Merino and Mulberry Silk it has a nice staple length, slight luster, strength, and the finished yarn is beyond soft with a wonderful balance of bloom and drape. This is a great fiber for beginner spinners, and spinners who want to spin something absolutely beautiful, unique, soft as a cloud, and a yarn you can’t find readily at a store (which for me is a huge reason why I spin yarn in the first place!).