Forgotten Path, on The Big Cozy: 100% USA Targhee

Forgotten Path, on The Big Cozy: 100% USA Targhee

Stumbled upon forgotten path in a fall forest…leaves crunch, grasses flattened. Colors turning golden in the warm sun.

Dyed up on the incomparable bounce of THE BIG COZY: 100% USA Targhee. The Targhee breed was developed in Idaho in the 1920's with the hopes of breeding the "ideal sheep," a hardy sheep that could withstand harsh winters yet with the most desirable wool qualities possible. The foundation stock is Rambouillet, Corriedale, and Lincoln. Over time the sheep were bred back with Rambouillet rams creating a sheep that produces wool with amazing softness, spring, strength and loft. This fiber creates one big, squishy, cozy yarn.

Spinning tip👉 Targhee is very bouncy with alot of loft. I like to split my fiber into finger width sections (and sometimes pre-draft) for spinning ease. Spin a bit fiber than you are shooting for to allow for finished poof!

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