Bonfire, on Spindelicious Classic: 100% Corriedale

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Bonfire, on Spindelicious Classic: 100% Corriedale

Embers burning, crackles and sparks.

4 oz.

✨Note: Colorway picture is representative of the colorway. Each braid may vary slightly because of the unique and individual nature of the hand-dyed fiber and the particular fiber base it's dyed on.
Colors vary slightly on different fibers✨

A classic handspinners wool! Corriedale is a lovely, go-to medium-fine wool that is a cross of Lincoln and Merino breeds, which means a longer staple length, and (attention new handspinners!) is a breeze to spin. Next to BFL it’s my favorite fiber to learn to spin on, it’s an all-purpose wool and it can be used for all the typical wooly wearing garments: mittens, scarves, sweaters. The finished yarn has a lovely bounce and a slight sheen.

Spinning tip: 👉 Corriedale has a great crimp that lends loft and elasticity to the finished yarn, so spin it a bit finer than you normally would to allow for some bloom and poof.